Drifting Error Comparision of ARCore and ARKit Visual Odometry

Corridor used for testing

Data Acquisition

The position data during the test is logged out while taking the starting point as reference (0,0,0). The raw data is described in the following plots, the subplots from top to bottom are respectively x position, y position, z position, and angle. The distance is in meters and the angle is in radians:

ARCore first test
ARCore second test
ARCore third test
ARKit first test
ARKit second test
ARKit third test

Result Analysis

Due to a lack of benchmarks, only the start and the end of the corridor are evaluated. It shows that, after moving 19.1 meters, ARCore has an error of around 0.5 meters and ARKit has an error of around 1.5 meters. In terms of turning, ARCore has an error of around 0.06 rad (3.44 degrees) and ARKit has an error of around 0.15 rad (8.59 degree) after turning three and a half turns.


The project was executed by Alexandra Institute and was partially funded by InfinIT (the innovation network for IT in Denmark) and by a performance contract from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


Alapetite, Alexandre, Zhongyu Wang, John Paulin Hansen, Marcin Zajączkowski, and Mikołaj Patalan. “Comparison of Three Off-the-Shelf Visual Odometry Systems.” Robotics 9, no. 3 (2020): 56.



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